We've been renovating homes for the past few years and discovered while we are very good at it... we prefer to build relationships and a product/service we can continually support. Renovation feels like putting your whole heart and soul into just one product and then starting all over again and again. We want to build a steady environment for our family and future employees.

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University Park Reno

We try our best to respect the age and style of the home we are renovating while updating it for the modern family. 

This home needed its antiques, so we let her keep them. But, no one wants a home without a master suite, so we added built an addition. This home also just wasn't built for "open concept" so we made sure it flowed for parties and added storage and counter space. This project took a year to complete, and a lot of love.

Before & After Gallery

Dell Dr Reno

This was structurally one of our easier projects because the home was well taken care of and a lot newer than our previous projects. We didn't have to replace rotten floorboards or fix super sagging floors, but we still spent months on some other big overhauls!

However, we did have to take down most of a load bearing wall to create that open concept, and completely rearrange the bathrooms and master bedroom closets, and gutted the kitchen to start completely over. 

​We also replaced the roof, siding, updated and increased front porch, moved the coat closet, painted everything, new water heater, new landscaping, repaired deck, updated electrical, and plumbing, all new plumbing and light fixtures, and added a trey ceiling in the master bedroom.

The lower level was very rustic and the "laundry room" was really just a washer/dryer in the garage. ​We furred out the exposed brick (added insulation, electrical outlets & sheet-rock)  and removed the wood paneling and created new square footage by capturing some of the garage space to create a mudroom, storage and a proper inside laundry room.

Before & After Gallery

Fowler Ave Reno

We had to do quite a bit to bring someone's rejected old rental back to life. But it was nice to have a layout that allowed us a modern open concept and the space to add a proper master bedroom. 

Hopefully you'll love the details, all the added windows, frame-less shower doors, etc. From the sagging floors to the original scary electric, it was fun to give this home a life again!

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Raleigh, NC

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